Ensuring All Patients

Injection Medication Adherence is only 50%

Medication non-adherence leads to 10% of U.S. hospitalizations

Medication non-adherence costs global pharma $630B in lost revenue

UniPen.A hybrid injection device

Designed to improve the patient injection experience with a goal to increase medication adherence and limit the development, expense, and regulatory burdens of autoinjectors.

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CAUTION - Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

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About us

At Love Lifesciences, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the patient injection experience for those requiring chronic injection therapeutics.

Our team has been developing a series of hybrid injection devices that not only target improvements to the experience for patients but also target reductions in the cost of early implementation for pharmaceutical partners.

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"Prefilled syringes give me control over the injection and injection speed."

"When I used an autoinjector, I found it difficult to press the button to administer the injection because I knew it would hurt. The “pop” sound produces a bit of anxiety as well."

"I’m afraid of my autoinjector and stopped (my therapeutic) because of it."

"I absolutely hate autoinjectors. They’re very painful for me. Some of them make loud noises and I can’t control the speed of the injection."