UniPen For Patients

UniPen.Designed with you in mind.

UniPen is designed to put the control of your medications back into your hands with a goal to provide a more comfortable injection experience.

UniPen targets improvements to the injection experience and seeks to increase adherence and improve health outcomes.

We know injecting medications can cause anxiety, can lead to painful bruising, and is a tedious process. Current devices attempt to solve these problems but often make them even worse.

UniPen’s design strips away these injection pain-points by targeting the problems at their core based upon patient feedback.

Complete Injection Control

  • Designed to provide control of the injection process speed with a goal to reduce anxiety and pain

Targets Injection Pain-points with product aims of:

  • Never-see needle
  • 3-step process
  • Patient control of needle & medication rates

We Look To Ensure All Patients
Are Given The Opportunity To
Love Life

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UniPen is a single-use injection safety device that is not currently market approved.